Monday, August 13, 2007

Lewis Hamilton wins at Hungaroring

Lewis Hamilton has won his third race. He has established a 7 point lead over Fernando Alonso, and if is able to maintain his lead in the Championships, he will be the first rookie to win the Championships. At Hungaroring, Lewis Hamilton led from the start. Alonso started from 6th position, and was struggling to overtake Ralf Schumacher. He often slid past the tracks in his desparate attempts. Lewis Hamilton was followed closely by Kimi Raikonnen, with the separation between them remaining less than a second for many laps. But, Lewis Hamilton soaked up all the pressure put on him by the experienced Raikonnen.
Kimi Raikonnen took the 2nd pitstop earlier than Hamilton, but as Hamilton was on extra fuel and as there was not much traffic ahead of him, he decided to race a few more laps before going for the pitstop. During these laps we were able to see great aggression and skill from the Brit. Every turn was negotiated in just the right manner. He was not concerned with the wearing away of the tyres as he was going to have the pitstop soon. After the pitstop Lewis Hamilton managed to have a 4 second lead over Raikonnen, but Raikonnen showed remarkable skill in lessening the gap to less than a second. But, Lewis Hamilton held him back till the end. At the finish the separation between them was 0.7 seconds. Fernando Alonso showed great aggression in his attempt to overtake Nick Heidfeld, but failed to overtake him and had to be contented to finish fourth. Honda performed miserably.
Thus it was another remarkable race, and Lewis Hamilton was at his best. The young Brit surely has in him what it takes to be a World Champion.

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L.A.L.A said...

it must be hard for Raikkonen to accept the fact that Hamilton is pushing him aside. But I think it's going to be much more interesting watching this two fellas competing against each other.